Asahi Super Dry is the official
beer partner of GastroBeats 2024

Join Asahi Super Dry on a flavorful journey through our Asahi Amplified experience, where captivating zones designed
to surprise and delight will reveal the world of Asahi Super Dry in unexpected ways.

Asahi: Amplified, What to Expect

At Asahi Amplified, visitors can expect to embark on a multisensory journey that brings the essence of Asahi Super Dry to life in extraordinary ways. Through immersive product-focused experience zones, guests will encounter innovative showcases highlighting
the unique qualities of each Asahi product. From exploring flavor profiles to unveiling the technology behind our beverages,
these zones celebrate what makes Asahi products “Beyond Expected.”

Prepare to be mesmerized by an array of immersive experiences.

About the Different Zones

Explore the dark and smooth mysteriousness of Kuronama with an anamorphic wall made of actual beer cans veiling a secret message. Guests can try to decode the message for a chance to redeem discounts. Another highlight at Asahi Amplified is the life-size motion-activated Nama Jokki can, where visitors can interact and witness the self-foaming technology in action. By hugging the can, they’ll see the “foam” rise, replicating the innovative technology of draught beer in a can. The experience culminates in a thrilling slide embodying the essence of Asahi’s quick, clean finish, providing a taste of the spirit of our beer to end on a high note.

Asahi's Sustainability

Asahi is dedicated to creating a greener, more sustainable world. By 2030, our goal is for all our breweries to achieve carbon neutrality, for all packaging to be recyclable, and for ingredients to come from sustainable sources. We are committed to leading in water conservation and fostering partnerships within our supply chains and communities. We care deeply about the impact we can make, and we strive to make a positive difference.