About the GIG-ers


CTRL Chaos is an Alternative Pop-Rock band hailing from Singapore. The band was formed in 2023 and has since released their first single ‘Moments’. They have had the opportunity to perform at many venues around Singapore and are currently working on their first EP.

About the GIG-er


Friends since school days, Farhan and Bob have always shared a strong passion for music. Starting from a 5-piece pop punk band, which later on diluted into a 2-piece acoustic duo, Farhan and Bob have always had a love for playing in live settings. Be in by busking by the streets or playing a happy hour set at your local favourite bar, as long as it allowed a channel to “let their hair down”, they were game. Do join them as they gear up to bring you some of your favourite tunes this year at GastroBeats!

About the GIG-er


Gaston is an emerging musician dedicated to evoking emotions through his captivating singing and musical compositions. With a background in busking and participation in various competitions, Gaston is intimately familiar with the stage, consistently delivering powerful performances. He is currently enrolled in Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, driven to elevate his talents and expand his audience. Gaston aspires to touch the hearts of many more listeners with his melodies and songs.

About the GIG-er

Jasper Parulan

Jasper is an aspiring Filipino 21-year-old folk-acoustic pop singer-songwriter. Performing alongside, Joben Nazarene and Izz Ilan from ITE West’s very own West Unplugged. They will be bringing you a wide variety of music from chill folk campfire songs, to the classics, to modern pop songs. Good food, good music, good company, amazing vibes!

About the GIG-er


Sope is an indie singer-songwriter who writes under the influence of artists like Hozier, AURORA, and FINNEAS. Her first single, Song of Patroclus, inspired by The Song of Achilles, has garnered over 100k streams across major streaming platforms. Her debut EP, All Ways, Always, was released in December 2022.

About the GIG-ers

Curry the Basil

What is Curry The Basil? Do you pour curry onto a basil? Is it a basil named Curry? When do we become the curry? Why do we sniff the basil? 

The answer is all of the above, and none of the above. Some mysteries in life can be too difficult to solve, some curries in life too hard to make. One thing we know – the music will be tasty, and we will Curry The Basil.

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