Iichiko is the official Japanese Spirits partner of GastroBeats 2024

Drop by the iichiko Bar by Makoto-Ya to experience Japan’s Original Craft Spirit, 
served in a variety of specialty cocktails, alongside premium Wakabotan Japanese sake.

Japan’s Original Craft Spirits

iichiko Shochu is Japan’s #1 shochu brand, and the native spirit of Japan –
a white spirit that’s incredibly rich in flavor, yet smooth and easy to drink with food. 

All iichiko products are a true expression of a pristine natural environment. iichiko is crafted in Oita Prefecture on Kyushu, Japan’s southernmost island –
a region famous for its clean air, lush greenery, dense cedar forests, mountainous terrain, and geothermal springs.

On the menu are the iichiko Silhouette Shochu prepared as Lemon Highballs and Calpis Highballs, TUMUGI Wapirits prepared in a Summer Mojito,
and a refreshing iichiko BAR Yuzu Liqueur.

Award-Winning Premium Japanese Sake

Also on the menu are the award-winning Wakabotan sake, a duo of the finest sake best enjoyed chilled and can be paired with a variety of different food. 

Wakabotan Hinohikari 50 Junmai Ginjyo Sake is made using local rice grown from Oita Prefecture – Aromatic and elegant with subtle aromas of flowers and apples, and flavours of grapefruit and muscat grape.

Wakabotan Yamada Nishiki 50 Junmai Ginjyo sake is made with high-quality Yamada Nishiki rice. Fruity with gentle aromas,
the taste is paired with flavors of pear and honeydew and rice umami. 

Sourcing Japan’s Best Since 1992

Makoto-Ya is the official Importer and Distributor of iichiko spirits. Established in 1992, Makoto-Ya is the leading importer and exporter of
Japanese Food and Beverage products in Singapore, with over 1,000+ products across 200 brands and labels.